KeyKeriki v2.0 – 2.4GHz

KeyKeriki V2 Logo

Name: Keykeriki v2.0 2.4GHz
Type: Hardware and Software
Slides:keykeriki_v2_cansec_v1.1.pdf (Our slides from CanSecWest 2010)
Documentation: See folder "docs" within the download package
License: OpenSource, free for non-commercial use, commercial usage needs special permission

Description: KeyKeriki v2.0 was first presented to the public at the security conference CanSecWest 2010. The device consists out of two different radio modules and some ARM Cortex based micro controller board. In contrary to the 27MHz Version of Keykeriki it has the ability to inject data. So it allows remote code execution on 2.4GHz new generation keyboards. The code is a first release and is limited on purpose to this scenario (keyboard sniffing and remote command execution). Hopefully we can extend its layout to evolve to a software based, inexpensive software defined radio for 2.4GHz frequencies.

KeyKeriki V2 Logo Keykeriki V2.0