PrintFS is a proof of concept software, which allows one to interact with different type of printers. It implements the idea of having a covert, distributed filesystem within printers. In addition the source code contains some more printer fun.

  • pfsScanner, as multi threaded scanner for printers that suits printfs.
  • printJack, allows other printer fun like PJL password cracking, mass control of panels, RamDisks and LCDs etc.
  • pypjlpass, a support class for printJack taht implements PJL password bruteforcing
  • If you need more detail, watch the presentation video or checkout the slides below.
    A quick note about the presentation, it is mentioned in the talk that the file when is uploaded it uses weak encryption. This has been fixed and all files uploaded now use 256bit AES. -TheX1le

    Presentational Video

  • You can watch Ben Smith's Smoocon 2011 presentation "Printers Gone Wild" at
  • Slideset

  • Get the slides of the talk here: Printers-Gone-Wild.pdf
  • Source Code

  • Download the full source code here: printFS_release.tar.gz
  • Sha-1 Hash dbe2208f671c60959f51158b0f5e715d759ba321
  • Thank you,

    Ben Smith aka TheX1le